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About Us

Kateh serves the latest in popular Persian cuisine on Warwick Place just off Warwick Avenue, London. Set in the prettiest of streets, this residential setting by a canal is now home to one of London’s finest restaurants. The project is the first Persian venture for Narges Pourkhomami and the realisation of her dream to combine the best of traditional and contemporary Iranian hospitality in one of London’s finest restaurants.

Kateh features both an authentic and modern take on Persian cuisine in an elegant yet relaxed and intimate setting, seating just 75 diners. The daily menu is made up of 33 dishes, each inspired by the best of the day’s market produce.

The restaurant also has a superb private dining room on the lower floor for up to 12 people, a gorgeous garden terrace which can hold up to 25 people and a late license, making it a must visit dining destination for romantic couples, families and private celebrations.



Taftoon - £2.00
Homemade organic brown and white flour flatbread

Soup Of The Day

Zeytoon Parvardeh - £4.00
Delicious blend of Taggiasche olives with pomegranate and walnuts

Panir Sabzi - £4.50
Assortment of fresh herbs, Feta cheese, walnuts and radish

Mast va Musir - £4.50
Thick yogurt with shallots

Borani Spinach - £4.50
Thick yogurt with pan fried baby spinach, fried onions, garlic and saffron

Salad Shirazi - £5.50
Salad of Heritage tomatoes, cucomber, mint and red onions with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice

Salad Dezfouli - £5.50
Salad of fresh pomegranate, cucumbers, dry mint, angelica powder and lemon juice

Kateh Salad - £5.50
Rocket, Feta cheese and pomegranate salad in fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

Salad Laboo - £9.00
Burrata served with warm roasted organic beetroot and basil

Kashke Bademjan - £6.00
Grilled baby aubergines with dried mint, soured yogurt, fried onions and walnuts

Mirza Ghassemi - £6.00
Grilled smoked Japanese aubergines, free range eggs, tomato and garlic

Narguessi - £7.00
Oven backed home-made filo parcel of spinach, feta cheese and walnut on a bed of fresh pomegranate

Jigar - £6.00
Pan fried organic chicken liver with balsamic vinegar, carrots and fresh leeks

Sossis - £7.50
Char grilled organic beef sausage served with Umbrian lentils

Koofteh Benrenji - £7.00/£12.00
Delicious Persian meat balls with rice, minced organic beef, split peas, Persian prunes, fresh herbs and Turkish yogurt

Kookoo Mahi - £8.50
Fresh crab and potato cake, chives, coriander, chilli served with a salad of wild rocket and beetroot

Okhatapoos - £8.50
Fresh marinated char grilled octopus

Meygoo - £9.00
Char grilled tiger prawns served with carrots, celery and ginger

Calamari - £9.50
Stuffed Babt Calamari with walnuts, pomegranate, raisins on a bed of peas

Natural Char Grills

Koobideh – £13.50
Char grilled minced veal served with saffron rice or organic bread

Joojeh – £15.00
Saffron marinated char grilled Banham Norfolk farm free range chicken served with saffron rice

Kabk Ba Adasi – £16.00
Char Grilled freshly marinated Partridge on a bed of Umbrian lentils with Angelica powder

Shishlik Azari – £17.50
Char grilled organic Rhug Farm minced lamb with chili and char grilled spicy rack of lamb served with organic bread, Turkish yogurt, red onions and fresh parsley

Baarg – £17.50
Char grilled best end of Organic Rhug Farm lamb filet served with saffron rice and grilled tomatoes

Chenjeh – £17.50
Marinated char grilled best end of Organic Rhug Farm lamb servied with saffron rice

Kabab Torsh – £19.00
Char grilled marinated breast end of Organic Rhug Farm lamb in pomegranate juice, crushed walnuts, young grapes and fresh mint served with saffron rice

Beef Sirloin Tikka – £19.50
Fresh coriander, mint, ginger, garlic and fresh chilli marinated char grilled 28 day aged Scotch Sirloin steak served with broccoli, Turkish yogurt and paprika

Sultani – £20.50
Char grilled skewer of Organic Rhug Farm lamb fillet and skewer of minced veal served with saffron rice

Mixed Grilled (for two) – £44.00
A selection of Koobideh, Joojeh, Chenjeh, and Kabab Azari served with saffron rice

Fish and Stews

Fish of the Day

Ghelieh Mahi – £17.50
Delicious Southern Iranian cod stew, tiger prawns, fresh tamarind, tomato and fresh herbs served with long grain basmati rice

Wild Halibut – £21.00
Char grilled filet of Wild Halibut served with roasted Sicilian aubergine, red peppers, sultanas, tomato and Persian spices

Shish Andaz – £14.00
Vegetarian stew of Sicilian aubergines, crushed walnuts and pomegranate served with saffron rice

Khoresht Bamieh – £14.50
Stew of organic lamb, potato and okra served with saffron rice

Aloo Efsenaj – £14.50
Stew of free range baby chicken, spinach, and fresh Bukhara plums served with saffron rice

Anar Beech – £15.00
Stew of pomegranate and walnuts with veal meatballs served with saffron rice

Ghormesh Sabzi – £16.00
Stew of organic veal, blend of fresh herbs, red kidney beans and dried lime served with saffron rice

Fessenjan – £18.00
Delicious stew of pomegranate and walnuts with Comfit of Barbary Duck served with saffron rice

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